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History Of Stag Nights

A bachelor party (America), known as a stag party, stag night or stag do (especially in Great Britain, Ireland and Canada) or a bull's party (South Africa) is a party held for a man shortly before he enters marriage. Usually to celebrate his "last night of freedom". A bachelor party is usually planned by the best man or other friends of the groom, occasionally, with the assistance of a bachelor party planning company. In the UK, it is now common for the party to last for more than one evening, hence the increasing prevalence of the phrase "stag weekend", or "stag do". In the UK, stag weekend trips are becoming mini-holidays with the groups taking part in various day-time activities as well as the expected night out on the town. Men have stag nights in Leeds , Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Blackpool, Newcastle upon Tyne and London. With the rise of budget airlines, some stags go abroad to places such as Prague, Amsterdam, Bratislava and Budapest. For more information about stag parties and stag weekends please visit: