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Left in charge to plan the Hen Do?

Here are 6 tips on creating the perfect hen do

Considering youve been left in charge shows three things which are: youre sensible, youll do a good damn job and well, the bride is busy woman and she hasnt got the time to plan her hen do! Therefore, you are right now expected to be and do all of those three things. Planning a hen do isnt supposed to be daunting and stressful, yet sometimes it does get the better of us if we are in left in charge even for little things like hen party sashes. It tends to become stressful when either something goes wrong, or when the bride doesn’t give you any hinters into what she wants! We all want the bride-to-be to have an amazing hen do however you all decide to celebrate it.

Dont do it alone : Do ask for help

If you have the personality traits of Sally Webster and you like to be in charge, then you can skip this one. Just because you’ve been left in charge, doesnt mean you cant ask for help! It shouldnt be seen as a proposal to impress your boss, this woman has left you in charge and thinks a lot of you, so dig deep for help if its needed – everyone will be more than happy to help! If youve already approached this and had not much luck, the Internet instantly becomes your PA in answering your questions. Some of your friends may be that type of person that knows a person, who knows somebody else and so on... some great discounts, freebies or information could be up for grabs here!

Do Set a Budget : keep your bank balance happy

If you thought that being in charge of throwing the hen party becomes your responsibility for the funding of it, you couldnt be more wrong. Relating back to the second pointer, this is why the hen-do is good for discussion amongst the others – ask everyone who is invited, especially the bridesmaids to chip in equally. Set the budget early on so that everyone doesnt struggle or worse case scenario, squabble over their chipping ins. The earlier the budget is set – the sooner the money can be collected relieving a lot of stress.

If you can get answers to questions from the bride : thats great!

Instead of guessing, unless you know the bride-to-be unlike anyone else, be sure to just ask simple questions. The appreciation for the thought of putting a hen-do together without the bride is enough on its own; however every bride has a different taste. It would be easier to ask her what doesnt like or what her worse nightmare would be – nobody turning up not the response you want for that question, so be sure to dig deep!

Do buy fun party favours : dont embarrass the bride to be

Youre obviously the closest person to your bride-to-be, so you will know her like anybody else. We all know that most companies offer the humorous gifts and we all know what these look like without going into detail. It can all be fun and games handing out naughty gestured gifts at home whilst you enjoy a few drinks before you head into the night out of the house, but would your friend be comfortable wearing these things outside of her personal zone? You don’t want to upset your newlywed bride with these gestures, so why dont you buy some personalised hen sashes for everyone? Or some girly goodie bags – you want everyone to be able to take something away from the hen do apart from tagged pictures on Facebook and a banging headache.

Dont want to involve alcohol?

Not a problem. Cities are popular amongst hen do parties whether the reason for going is for a night out drinking, major shopping sprees or a spa stay. Yet if you have an average or total budget already set and you plan yourself enough time and know everyones schedule, you could find some amazing spa retreats in the UK or even abroad for the same price for a weekend stay in the UK. Drinking is not everyones cup of tea and if the hen-do is the night before the big do, then your main job and responsibly is to make sure the bride-to-be doesnt wake up feeling dehydrated, rundown or hung-over! If you know your bride-to-be loves her yoga, fitness or well-being then you could pull off the best hen do possible.

Do make it personal : dont treat it as a one off to get drunk!

Show the bride how special she is, this could be something personal from you or something from everybody such as personalised sashes or personalised t-shirts. This doesnt have to be a gift, this could be an activity or take her somewhere that she loves i.e. favourite cocktail bar, city, town, landmark, and so on... Most companies offer unbeatable deals on group photo shoots for hen parties – which is a glamorous way to include an activity into the day/weekend.

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